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So I've been working on an PHP MVC for a client for about 3 weeks now, I've got pretty far.

I'll explain a small part of the system.

There are three types of users, Fitters, Agencys, and Admins.

these can all log in and have limited functionality, admin obviously has all functionality!

The admin can add, edit and delete users, jobs, stock blah blah the usual.

The way I've set it up so far is like so...

The query string is like: /admin/users/?method=agency&action=add

This will call the admin controller, and call the users function.

The users function will then call the users model.

The users model contains functionality to add, edit, delete, admins, fitter, and agencies.

action=add&method=admin will call add_admin() which will dynamically return a form for admins

action=edit&method=fitter will call edit_fitter() which will dynamically return a form for editting fitters

Now I was wondering...

Would it be better for me to have an ADD class. with ALL the add methods like, add_fitter, add_agency, add_admin, add_job, add_stock etc... and then have a class for EDIT, a class for DELETE, and a class for VIEW ???

Would this be a good way?

I thought that by doing this, I can limit the dependancy on classes like the USERs class.

Because the users class adds, edits, deletes, inserts, updates and views fitters, agencies, and admins. So the user class needs a Validator, a database, a Form class that returns html forms for adding and editting etc etc.

However if i had ONE class for ALL the adding, then it would eradicate the dependancy for a validator? because the add class would be responsible for returning the form. Nothing else

The reason I'm asking this question is because I'm new to MVC. and I dont want to spend the next couple of hours changing all my code, and then realising that theres a problems with my proposed pattern.

So i'm just asking you kind people, can you foresee a problem with this method?

is this how its usually done?

or is this method steered clear of for a reason?

ANY advice or tips will be GREATLY appreciated!

Just to be clear... I'm asking whether I should have separate classes for Add, Edit, Delete and view


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Which you use: /admin/users/?method=agency&action=add or action=add&method=admin? – Gabriel Mar 12 '12 at 13:09
it doesnt matter which way round the query string is – AlexMorley-Finch Mar 12 '12 at 13:11

I think the best way is store the access level of the user (session, etc), and render the page according to what was stored in the session. Urls need to be only /admin/users/?action=add




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Just if anybody was curious, i did implement my mvc this way and it's much better!

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