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I have a class like this:

public partial class GmxGlobalList : DynamicBindingListBase<GmxGlobal> 

Where DynamicBindingListBase implements Collection<T> which extends from IEnumerable<T> - in this case IEnumerable<GmxGlobal>.

The class GmxGlobal is defines like

public partial class GmxGlobal : IGmxGlobal 

I want now to declare GmxGlobalList like

public partial class GmxGlobalList : DynamicBindingListBase<GmxGlobal>, IEnumerable<IGmxGlobal>

But this does not work, because I should declare the Method IEnumerator<IGmxGlobal> GetEnumerator() - but this is already implemented from Collection<T> - but not with IGmxGlobal but with GmxGlobal. I would ask you, why I have to implement IEnumerator<IGmxGlobal> GetEnumerator()? - What sould I do, that I can declare, that GmxGlobalList is an IEnumerable or ICollection or IList of IGmxGlobal (or something other where IGmxGlobal can be enumerated).

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Isn't enough having DynamicBindingListBase<GmxGlobal> like a base ? Why you need an IEnumerable ? – Tigran Mar 12 '12 at 13:36
GmxGlobalList defines IEnumerable<GmxGlobal>. It does also implement the interface IGmxGlobalList. Now, I want to define this interface (IGmxGlobalList) to implement IEnumerable<IGmxGlobal> because I have to use an object of GmxGlobalList (which I does also know it as IGmxGlobalList) and enumerate it where I also only know IGmxGlobal and not GmxGlobal. For this, I have to declare IGmxGlobalList : IEnumerable<IGmxGlobal>. – BennoDual Mar 12 '12 at 13:38
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Since DynamicBindingListBase<T> implements IEnumerable<T> and GmxGlobalList inherits from DynamicBindingListBase<GmxGlobal> and implements IEnumerable<IGmxGlobal>.
GmxGlobalList implements both IEnumerable<GmxGlobal> and IEnumerable<IGmxGlobal>.

I'm going to assume that DynamicBindingListBase<T> already has a concrete implementation of IEnumerable<T>. This implementation wouldn't work as a IEnumerable<IGmxGlobal> since IEnumerable<IGmxGlobal> has a wider scope than IEnumerable<GmxGlobal>.

If you were to just have the following:

GmxGlobalList : DynamicBindingListBase<GmxGlobal>

Due to IEnumerable being co-variant, you can already use GmxGlobalList as a IEnumerable<IGmxGlobal>. Like this:

IEnumerable<IGmxGlobal> foo = new GmxGlobalList();

If you really need to implement IEnumerable<IGmxGlobal> you can write the implementation details to wrap around DynamicBindingListBase<GmxGlobal>.

public IEnumerator<IGmxGlobal> GetEnumerator()
    return (base as IEnumerator<GmxGlobal>).GetEnumerator();

IEnumerator IEnumerable.GetEnumerator()
    return GetEnumerator();
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Does this work?

IEnumerable<IGmxGlobal> e = (IEnumerable<GmxGlobal>)instanceOfGmxGlobalList;
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