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I have a Windows file structure like so:


Stable contains the main repo. ProjectA and SharedLibrary are subrepos of Stable. The .hgsub file contains:

ProjectA = ProjectA
SharedLibrary = SharedLibrary

Everything seems to work correctly for the most part. The main repo will recognize the subrepos, and I can do things like hg status -S on the main repo and it will recurse through the subrepos. commit also seems to work correctly.

When I try to clone from Stable (main repo), it fails when attempting to clone the ProjectA subrepo with the following message:

unknown revision 'a855f4fe17c393d5863409f1443fc93b36787fa9'
[command returned code 255 Mon Mar 12 09:25:47 2012]

However, I have verified that the revision is correct and present in the ProjectA subrepo. I can clone each subrepo without any problems.

So far I have tried: 1) Deleting each repository and starting over. 2) Re-installing TortoiseHg/Mercurial. 3) Making sure the revision listed in .hgsubstate is correct and present in each subrepo.

Any way to fix this?

EDIT: When the clone of the Stable (main) repo fails, it leaves the target directory with a clone of Stable without any subrepos. I can go to the cloned Stable, do an hg update tip, and it will successfully clone the ProjectA subrepo but fail to clone SharedLibrary with the same 'unknown revision' error. I can then run hg update tip again, and it will successfully clone the SharedLibrary subrepo. At that point everything is correct as it would be if the clone had worked correctly in the first place.

EDIT 2: Contents of .hgsubstate:

a855f4fe17c393d5863409f1443fc93b36787fa9 ProjectAd72ef29a5656e5413322c1d20d5830448d558605 SharedLibrary

There is no space between ProjectA and the changeset id for SharedLibrary, but I guess that is just the way Mercurial does it. Both changesets in .hgsubstate are present in the respsective subrepo.

EDIT 3: hg log --debug -r tip from ProjectA subrepo. showing correct changeset is present

Z:\Programming\KSuite\Stable\Client\KClient>hg log --debug -r tip
changeset:   4:a855f4fe17c393d5863409f1443fc93b36787fa9
tag:         tip
parent:      3:eb01e88027c893267422fcb67f035ba31d8cdbdc
parent:      2:5b5ffd7f96915ca792507820ccfbee35707148d0
manifest:    4:e90960833c0708ec7f99ccded11c46ca45b46542
user:        Casey ******** <*redacted*@.com>
date:        Fri Mar 09 18:22:50 2012 -0500
files:       .hgignore
files-:      KClient.suo
extra:       branch=default
Merging changes in Stable to Dev.
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Check hgsubstate and mentioned in it changeset-id ? –  Lazy Badger Mar 12 '12 at 14:17
@ Lazy Badger, I'll update with contents of hgsubstate. –  Casey Wilkins Mar 12 '12 at 14:23
I see a855f4fe17c393d5863409f1443fc93b36787fa9, mentioned in error also. Do you have this revision in ProjectA? hg log it –  Lazy Badger Mar 12 '12 at 15:07
@LazyBadger, Yes, that revision is in ProjectA. I'm working on another issue I'm having that may fix this one, so hold that thought and I'll report back. –  Casey Wilkins Mar 12 '12 at 15:20
@LazyBadger, updated the question with output of hg log --debug -r tip from the ProjectA subrepo. Still having same problem after fixing the other issue. –  Casey Wilkins Mar 12 '12 at 16:03

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