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I think I have messed up my Mercurial repository branching by merging the sub branch into a default one:

Merged mercurial branch

Have I merged them, according to the screen shot? If so, how can I have my TimeSpan localization branch separated again?

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It's not merged, the default branch just not showing up anything (since you're currenly not working on it, and I don't see any merge commits anywhere as well). If you update to your default branch, your "Time Span Localization" branch should become clearily visible in the graph.

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Follow-up to Alex and second part of answer:

No, you have nothing merged, you just have none changesets after 0 in default branch.

1+ is work in your separate branch only. In order to get two (visible in workbench) heads of two branches you can update to default, edit, commit and see live default branch. Results of hg branches and hg heads will show real state of your repo any time

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