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I have images saved in database as BLOB data. How do i embed them into html email using phpMailer?

PhpMailer has a function to embed normal images by using AddEmbeddedImage and it requires "path", "cid" & "name", all i have is a string of blob data so it won't work. The only way i can think of is temporarily generate an image from the string before using AddEmbeddedImage, however fear it might increase execution time.

Does anyone has a better idea please?

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There's AddStringAttachment() which is undocumented in the main PHPmailer docs. It allows attachments from a string instead of a file. Don't know offhand if you can then refer to this attached image via the src="cid:..." stuff, but at least you COULD attach the file to the email without having to write it out to a temp file first.

There's a little blurb about it in the phpmailer tutorials here:

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Thanks Marc, i tried that and the email did get attached fine however i don' know how to get the CID to link the image into the email. – Olizt Mar 12 '12 at 15:09
It's not undocumented; it's right here. – Synchro Feb 23 '15 at 13:44

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