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The following code is part of a jQuery .js-file (which is used in the "supersized" image slider):

if (vars.current_slide == 0) {
 $("#captions").children().css("display", "none");
if (vars.current_slide == 1) {
 $("#captions").children().css("display", "none");
if (vars.current_slide == 2) {
 $("#captions").children().css("display", "none");

As you can see, I tried to show a different caption (ranging from #caption0 to #caption3) for each current_slide.

How do I shorten this so that the caption for each current_slide is assigned via a variable, unlike my example?

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The selector is just an ordinary string, so you can concatenate the variable like this:

$("#caption" + vars.current_slide)

So in your case, the code could be shortened to:

$("#captions").children().css("display", "none");
$("#caption" + vars.current_slide).css("display","inherit").css("visibility","visible");

Or even shorter:

$("#caption" + vars.current_slide).show();
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Great stuff, this worked for me. Thank you for the fast answer :)! Also thanks to the others ;). –  BlueHorizon Mar 12 '12 at 14:39


$("#caption" + vars.current_slide)

An alternative would be putting the elements into an array and accessing it by index

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Just append the variable to the string:

  $('#caption' + vars.current_slide).css({
    'display': 'inherit',
    'visibility': 'visible'
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