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I would like to be able to make inserts in a tree data structure (like the one doing comments on Disqus, Hacker News etc). And it would be nice to do it in a clever functional way.


(def cmts [{:name "Abi" :id 1 :text "Great question" :children nil}
           {:name "Bib" :id 2 :text "What about zippers?" :children
            [{:name "Linus" :id 3 
              :text "I don't understand how to and insert 
                     children at a certain id with them"
              :children nil}]}])

The problem is how to insert a comment like this

(add-comment cmts :name "Iba" :text "I think so too!" :in-reply-to 1)

in a somehow concise/elegant way.

Or: what would be a simpler way to solve the problem?

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If you are looking to do functional tree editing (editing neste data structures) then perhaps
the zipper library is the right tool.

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I realize that there are very good functionality in the clojure.walk library that could do the trick. http://clojuredocs.org/clojure_core/clojure.walk

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