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I connect to a linux server over 2 other server:

MyPC --(ssh)--> serverA --(ssh)--> serverB --(ssh)--> FinalServer

httpd is running on FinalServer, listen on 80 serverA/serverB only accept port 22, sshd service

Is there any way to access FinalServer on myPC like this:

myPC> curl
Hi , this is FinalServer Httpd Service!!

Thank you a lot!!

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In principle, you would only need to tunnel port 80 at every ssh.

So, at every step: ssh -L80:localhost:80 <next-host>.

However, you will not be able to tunnel port 80 (and all ports < 1024) without root privileges, so you'll have to use a different port for this.

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You can use ports above 1024 in the intermediary boxes, and point to :80 on MyPC (assuming root privs on it) –  Alex Mar 12 '12 at 15:15

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