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I have one endpoint already that is soap and now would like to create a non-soap interface that delivers the body of the POST into my methods (and would like simple GETs to work where I can just return a body of xml). I ran into this example

but those methods don't seem to exist on the latest version. This was geared towards JSON I believe but looks like it might work for my purposes. Is this even possible? In addition, I already have one endpoint like so and want to add this new one as well...

    JaxWsServerFactoryBean svrFactory = new JaxWsServerFactoryBean();

    Server svr = svrFactory.create();
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Have a look at CXF Rest

I think what you need is a jax rs service. It support POST and several json providers are also available.

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I had run into that, I tried using the JaxRsServerFactoryBean instead of the JaxWsServerFactoryBean to no avail, and then the sample rest-http-binding it does not use JaxRsServerFactoryBean so I am very confused and still don't have a working example yet with JaxRs...I have something with JaxWs but not sure that is the right thing yet...still need to packet sniff it to make sure. – Dean Hiller Mar 12 '12 at 18:33

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