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I have a string in php that is simply a file path, ie "images/steven/pic.jpg"

The php script displays a list of the pics in all of images' subfolders, so the end result is something like this:


Its really not necessary to have "images/" on each string and it takes up a lot of space, how would i trim off just that part of the string so it outputs "steven/pic1.jpg" etc?

The strings are in an array that i echo via foreach, so i'd like simply attach the trim function to "" to keep it neat.

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str_replace anyone? – Dejan Marjanovic Mar 12 '12 at 15:13

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Try something like this:

$str = "images/steven/pic1.jpg";
echo substr( $str, strpos( $str, '/') + 1);

This will output: "steven/pic1.jpg"

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If it always is images/ then simply do:

str_replace("images/", "", $yourstring);
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Attention: str_replace() replaces everywhere in the string. That is an unnecessary risk. – Leif Mar 12 '12 at 15:21

How about:

preg_replace('#^[^/]*/#', '', 'images/craig/pic2.jpg');
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