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What tools do you use to plan a project or a large feature set? I currently use a mix of Word for writing specs and Photoshop for mockups, but is there something more suited for developers?

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I would set up a Wiki. Its what I use for planning, since its visible to everyone on the team, and editable by everyone on the team. Trac is the Wiki that I use. MoinMoin is another Wiki that I have used.

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I would encourage making it easy for everyone having access to it. A wiki is good for this. –  Arthur Thomas Sep 18 '08 at 20:53
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We use dotProject - an online project management tool, we also use that for delivery tracking.

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Good old Excel works best for plans and task lists I've found. Tried things like Project but hated it.

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StpA Storyboarding. http://wagnerblog.com/2007/09/04/love-at-first-sight/ Its a Jolt Award Winner and does a really nice job

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I actually really like Joel's FogBugz. He offers a free hosted account for up to 2 users (perfect for personal little projects that I'm running all the time), and with excellent SVN integration, it just steals the day.

Plus, if you have a buddy, you can collaborate very well - FogBugz has a wiki in the latest version. I still find a good old bug list to be a better way to structure things, though - priorities, releases, assigned to... Seems more organized.

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  1. Microsoft OneNote - to outline features, prioritize, etc
  2. Balsamiq Mockups - To mockup the screens and controls
  3. Microsoft Project - to setup a basic project plan with milestones
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A Wiki like Confluence or XWiki, with the UI Mockup plugin Balsamiq makes a very nice integrated solution.

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