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Is there a way - or anyone knows if someone already made this available - a way to style links in the form of buttons in the aristo style?

Using this CSS -reform a regular link to the style of a button?

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You can more than likely copy all the CSS for those buttons and just use it on a link. In fact you'd probably be able to rip out a bunch of reset stuff as buttons often have all sorts of browser defaults which a link doesn't have.

So change:

button {
    // Cut


a {
    // Paste

Hope that helps :)

(The css you need by the way starts right at the top of this file:

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seems aristo has some specific stuff and isn't that easy to style but ill look into it later – Rubytastic Mar 28 '12 at 23:43

Sure - just grab the CSS they're already using, change it from button to a.btn, add display:block, give your link a class of "btn" and you're all set.

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