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I am using the PHP webdriver bindings here:

I can select standard option elements in a <select> no problem, but when they are a child of an <optgroup> the click() method doesn't change the selected item.

The element is found (i can var_dump the details of the element). The code I am using is:

$xpath = "//select[@name='{$element}']/optgroup[@label='{$optgrp}']/option[@value='{$value}']";
$element = $this->_webdriver->findElementBy(LocatorStrategy::xpath, $xpath);

If I then do the below, it will fail.

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Thanks for your question - it showed me how to set up the xpath correctly. Not sure about the assert, but it works when I invoke ->click() on a select list – gnB Jul 4 '14 at 23:06

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