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I've got an initialization file config/initializers/linkedin.rb that sets up the Linkedin gem so that my app can connect to the LinkedIn service and run queries. I'm now testing out some new features and I want to use the console for this. My problem - asside from being a newb and not understanding the console very well yet - is that I can't access the variables that are initialized in config/initializers/linkedin.rb.

Any ideas on how to use the application initializers from within the console so that I don't have to run this by hand every time?


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Sorry, this looks like a BUOK (Bad User On Keyboard) error. I was typing Linkedin instead of LinkedIn. When I get the capitalization right, I see that the LinkedIn gem is initialized. So, it looks like config/initializers/*.rb are being run when you drop down into the console. –  spinlock Mar 12 '12 at 16:56

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Try this:

load "#{Rails.root}/config/initializers/your_file.rb"
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