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* set myMethod
* @param param1
* @param param2
* @param param3
* @param param4
public void myMethod(ClassAA param1, ClassBB param2, HashMap<String, String> param3, Set<String> param4) {code}

When I run the checkstyle on above code, It tells me that there are errors like this "Expected @param tag for 'param1'". I would like to understand , why checkstyle is reporting them as error, when the tags is there.


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You want something like:

* set myMethod
* @param param1 the AA to use for extracting the reference data
* @param param2 BB processing options
* @param param3 table of user parameters
* @param param4 set of active keywords
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There is documentation missing in your documentation - describe the parameters.

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params are in documenatation already, as i have shared. Not sure what other documentation i need to provide can you send me solution, kindly –  nomi Mar 12 '12 at 17:32

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