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In rails, lets say I do this:

def retrieveAllWidgets
widgets = Widgets.all(:conditions => "status = 1")

render :json => widgets


in a rails controller. The json response will contain all the attributes of widget that are exposed. The issue is the widgets have a price, and before sending the JSON response back to the client I want the price to be formatted with number_with_currency.

I think I could do this:

def retrieveAllWidgets
widgets = Widgets.all(:conditions => "status = 1")

formattedWidgets = []
widgets.each do |widget|
    formattedWidgets.push({"id" => widget.id,
                           "price" => number_to_currency(widget.price)

render :json => formattedWidgets


But is that the way to do it? Is there anyway of appropriately formatting without looping over all results? number_to_currency is really useful, but is I think best used in the view but thats not appropriate for my needs as a JSON response. I could be doing things entirely wrongly. The point is that it's a JSON response only, that is then used in a one page app.

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As I understand it you have to format the data in the view, RetrieveAllWidgets.json.erb. You would have to pass in @widgets. The view will return the json after you format it. Having a lookig at http://api.rubyonrails.org/ and searching erb may help

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