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Im trying to figure out how to get a dynamic link for example

  • /users/user1/show
  • /users/user1/edit or
  • /profiles/1/

How would I create a route that I could insert in my views like a view_profile_path and that would include the id or username of a user?

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Actually, I think you need something like this in config/routes.rb

resources :users do
  resources :profiles

You can later check your REST-ful resource routes by issuing the command:

rake routes

This way you have a more natural approach to your routes in which your users will be bound to one or more profiles, therefore you may use something like:


to create an appropriate link to a user's profile.

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in config/routes.rb you need to add 1 simple line:

resources :users

and get all this stuff

HTTP Verb   Path            action    named helper

GET         /users          index     users_path
GET         /users/new      new       new_user_path
POST        /users          create    users_path
GET         /users/:id      show      user_path(:id)
GET         /users/:id/edit edit      edit_user_path(:id)
PUT         /users/:id      update    user_path(:id)
DELETE      /users/:id      destroy   user_path(:id)

You can read about rails routes in the guides

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