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I have created MobClix account, made sure I have filled up all kinds of settings (account, payment everything), Added the app, carefully copied the Application ID. Made sure I have activated Full screen and 320x50 ads on test modes.

Then I followed the developer guide and placed this in my activity:

    android:layout_height="50dip" >

and in the respective Class:

MobclixMMABannerXLAdView mx=(MobclixMMABannerXLAdView)findViewById(R.id.mainScreenBannerAd);

I also have this in the same class:

MobclixFullScreenAdView adview = new MobclixFullScreenAdView(this);

The second code snippet triggers a fullscreen ad view and a Test Ad banner is displayed, the first one however doesn't seem to do anything and nothing is showing inside the activity. I have made sure that the 320x50 banner ad view is in the activity and taking up space by placing different color background views before and after that. I am sure that its there but not displaying anything.

Has anyone got through such a situation?

TL DR: One of the MobClix ads show fine (fullscreen), the one in activity doesn't

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Have you submitted a support ticket? You can do so, here: http://support.mobclix.com/requests/new

Let me know your ticket # and I'll be sure the support team gets back to you with an answer soon!

Thanks, Barbara @ Mobclix

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I'm glad MobClix official support guys keep a watch here. Thanks Barbara. The number is 9319 TO maintain the format and purpose of stackoverflow, I will post whatever solution I was offered as an answer so others could take help from that. – kishu27 Mar 12 '12 at 18:15
Sure, no problem! Michael, who's the lead support person here, will be reaching out to you shortly. Also, feel free to e-mail Navang Oza (noza at velti dot com) if you have any more questions, as he can help as well. Hope to get you up and running asap! – Mobclix Mar 12 '12 at 19:03
must say your support is intense and you deserve five star rating for that. I am co-ordinating with Michael and post conclusion here. BTW, in the PDF documentation that is downloaded alongwith SDK, I guess there's an error where it says MobclixFullScreenAdView adview = new MobclixFullScreenAdView(this); fsAdView.requestAndDisplayAd(); I think in line 2, fsAdView should be replaced by adview. Please get it checked, code is not running without this correction – kishu27 Mar 13 '12 at 3:23

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