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I've written an application using Qt on OS X. The installed SDK automatically installed as a framework which I didn't want. So I cloned their newest version from the Qt git repository and built it from source as static libraries. I would like it to compile using those static libraries instead of the framework but in preferences in setting the version/Path of Qt no matter what path I direct it to it says it's not a valid Qt directory. What has to be in a qt Directory that constitutes it being valid?

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Which preferences are you referring to? Are you using some IDE or something? – Masci Jun 9 '09 at 18:01
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I'm closing this, The problem was installing on OSX I needed to declare -no-framework when running configure.

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Some tips;

  • Install into a path that doesn't contain spaces
  • Use -prefix $PWD from the current path, and set the PATH, INCLUDE and LIB env variables appropriately - this makes it possible to have multiple Qt builds, e.g. multiple shadow builds from one source directory
  • Don't do static configure - it makes using plugins difficult, and assuming you use LGPL you have to ship the .o files.
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