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I m Looking for ways to assign the row numbers as below for the table

Roll No    Name    Score 
 1           ABC    10
 1           ABC    10
 1           DEF     8
 2           ASC     9
 2           YHN     4
 3           IOP     5
 3           YHN     4

I m looking for a way to assign the roll no as Rownumber()

Roll No    Name    Score    Row_Number
 1           ABC    10        1
 1           ABC    10        2
 1           DEF     8        3
 2           ASC     9        1
 2           YHN     4        2
 3           IOP     5        1 
 3           YHN     4        2

I m trying to work around with Row_number() , it is isnt working . ANy inputs on this world be great :)

Thanks !!!!

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For future ref, it is usually extremely helpful to show what you've tried, and what "isn't working" means - e.g. wrong results, actual error message, etc. –  Aaron Bertrand Mar 12 '12 at 20:47

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SELECT [Roll No], Name, Score, [ROW_NUMBER] = 
FROM dbo.table

If you later decide that you want to handle ties in a different way, play with using RANK() or DENSE_RANK() in place of ROW_NUMBER()...

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