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I am confused as to what does the facebook logoutUrl does in the facebook integration? Does it destroy the current session? Would session_destroy do the same thing? Thanks!

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According to Facebook Doc:

This method returns a URL that, when clicked by the user, will log them out of their Facebook session and then redirect them back to your application.

It will also invalidate the user access token so that you will no longer be able to call any graph APIs against that user.

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Thanks for the answer. But I more specifically wanted to know whether the session is destroyed in general, i.e. is the logout url a superset of php's session_destroy? –  dreamer_999 Mar 16 '12 at 16:48

When we are integrating facebook, on success of the login of a user, we need to create login session by using the user details provided from facebook and the logout is actually our application logout, not the facebook logout.

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when we loggin, we get access token , after we logout , access token also get destroyed. so we have to logout to maintain session management in our application.

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