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I want to delete three different tables at once and I have create a pretty simple SQL statement for that matter as following :


this statement is correct when I run in mysql directly but from java no!

my java code :

public boolean clearTables()
         boolean ans = false;
         if (con != null)
                String deleteQuery = "    DELETE FROM tbl1;DELETE FROM tbl2;DELETE FROM tbl3;";
                Statement st = con.createStatement();

                ans = true;
             catch (Exception e) 
                ans= false;
         return ans;

how can I run multiple SQL statements at once in java?

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The delete statements you mentioned in your question are not executed at once. They are executed in turn in the sequence you provided. – Lion Mar 12 '12 at 20:31

Use addBatch then executeBatch:

   Statement st = con.createStatement();
   st.addBatch("DELETE FROM tbl1");
   st.addBatch("DELETE FROM tbl2");
   st.addBatch("DELETE FROM tbl3");
   int[] results = st.executeBatch();

Then results will contain an array with the number of rows deleted from each table.

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use batch updates

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link doesn't work – TechFind Feb 18 '15 at 1:56

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