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I have a page (view) called "test." It has 3 links with a variable"?vars='some_number'"

How can I pass this number to the controller and based on the number, open up the view that it corresponds to?

I was thinking a case statement in the view, but I am not sure how to get the variable to the controller.

case vars == 1: return("view1");
case vars == 2: return("view2");
case vars == 3: return("view3");
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Not sure why you want to do so, but you can have your action like this (assuming you're in ASP.net MVC)

public ActionResult Test(int id){
  case 1:
    return View("view1");
  case 2:
    return View("view2");
  case 3:
    return View("view3");



and the link to this will be YourController/Test/1 or something like this

hope this helps

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How about something like this (A bit puzzled on your approach):

public class HomeController
     public void Index(int vars) 
          return this.View(string.Format("view{0}", vars));

Perhaps that would work for you.

To clarify the links in this scenario would be: /Home/Index?vars=2

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