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There must be some application for this kind, for I've never needed it until now, and that I do need it I can't find it.

I know of Unlocker, but it cannot give me a list.

Edit: A subquestion on ProcessExplorer's list. Which is what I really wanted to know in the first place. Why does Explorer (Windows Explorer) lock some files (refuses to delete, so I have to take Unlocker) which the ProcessExplorer doesn't show ?

I could make this an another question, but what would be the point, except flooding the board.

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Not sure that it will list all files per process, but you can search for a file name and it will tell you which process has it open.

Edit: Yes, it does. Select View/Lower Pane View/Handles to see all the files open for a given process.

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Comment on Edit: Yes, I'm looking at that now. Under File's. I understand it should be there, but it isn't. Meanwhile, Explorer refuses to delete them (some .avi and some .chp files - the .chp files are our inhouse solution, but I'm not holding any process open which should be locking them). –  Rook Jun 8 '09 at 23:04
Comment on my comment: Disregard the last comment. Solved it. –  Rook Jun 8 '09 at 23:14

You can use Handle.

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You don't need anything.
Just enumerate the process handle table with Win32 api. C code posted hundreds of times on Google Groups and underground Win32 boards.

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