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I'm using Prawn 2-0.2.4 to make pdf over Rails 3.1 application. I'm a great issue; I'm not able to see text_box border; this is my action:

def firma_conducente
  text_box "Firma Conducente ________  Firma Cessionario _____", :rotate => 270, :size => 10, :at=> [500,500], :width => 600, :height => 1200 do
    stroke_color = 'FFFF00'

I can see text inside pdf generated file but I don't know how can I see border too. Moreover, is there a way to put this text_box on each document's page?

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You can draw a bounding box around it and place the following commands in it:

stroke_color 'FFFF00'

for example like this

Prawn::Document.generate 'example.pdf' do
  bounding_box([0,750], :width => 550, :height => 750) do
    stroke_color 'FFFF00'
    text_box "Firma Conducente ________  Firma Cessionario _____", 
          :size => 10, :at=> [50,700], :width => 550, :height => 750 
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