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I want to create a jar with the following directory structure:

    classes/ --> where all classes go
    lib/ --> where all dependencies go
    res/ --> where all non-classpath resources go (scripts, etc.)

Here's my ant task:

<jar destfile="dist/main/thejar.jar">
    <!-- Create the manifest -->
        <!-- JAR should be sealed. -->
        <attribute name="Sealed" value="true" />

    <!-- Copy main build directory to classes/ directory in JAR. -->
    <fileset dir="dist/main/classes" includes="build/main"/>

    <!-- Copy main library directory to lib/ directory in JAR. -->
    <fileset dir="dist/main/lib" includes="lib/main"/>

    <!-- Copy main resources directory to res/ in JAR. -->
    <fileset dir="dist/main/res" includes="res/main"/>

If I am understanding this correctly, it should be:

  • Copying all the built (.class) files in build/main to dist/main/classes
  • Copying all lib/main dependencies to dist/main/lib
  • Copying all res/main files to dist/main/res
  • JARring up dist/main/* into thejar.jar

The JAR task executes without errors, but when I go to view the contents of thejar.jar I just see META-INF/ (none of the subdirectories I mentioned above).

What's going on here? Thanks in advance!

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are you saying you want a jar to contain other jars? – csturtz Mar 12 '12 at 20:40
I want my JAR to contain all of its dependencies (which would go in the lib/ directory). But thats only one-third of my question. I also want a res/ and classes/ directory. – IAmYourFaja Mar 12 '12 at 20:42
you know that's not common practice, right? – csturtz Mar 12 '12 at 20:44
Ohhhhh yeeaaahhhh ;-) – IAmYourFaja Mar 12 '12 at 20:44
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You want jar task to copy files in build/main into jar's dist/main/lib, but

<fileset dir="dist/main/classes" includes="build/main"/>

means to pack files in dist/main/classes/build/main into the jar file.

Take a look at the example from the Ant-Jar task doc:

<jar destfile="${dist}/lib/app.jar">
    <fileset dir="${build}/classes"
    <fileset dir="${src}/resources"/>

(The code above) jars all files in the ${build}/classes directory and also in the ${src}/resources directory together into a file called app.jar in the ${dist}/lib directory.

To achieve your request, I think you can copy the classes, resources and dependencies with <copy> task into the directory structure that you want and then jar the directory.

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