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I have a strange problem. I have an UITextField in which the user should write the amount of something, so the field is called "amountField". Everything looks fine, when the user starts editing the textfield the text is in the vertical and horizontal center - that's great.

However, when the user ends editing the text moves up a little bit. I tried many things, nothing helped...

I am adding screenshots below, so you can see what is the problem.

This is what it looks like while editing the field - that's ok.

This is while editing the field - that's ok.

And this is how it looks when done editing - that is the problem!

This is the problem.

Please, if anybody know what could cause this I would be very grateful! :)

Here is some of my code related to the amountField.

amountField.keyboardType = UIKeyboardTypeNumberPad;
amountField.returnKeyType = UIReturnKeyDone;
amountField.delegate = self;

[amountField setFont:[UIFont fontWithName:@"Nuptial Script LT Std" size:30]];   
amountField.borderStyle = UITextBorderStyleNone;
UIImage *amountBg = [UIImage imageNamed:@"skin2_ipad_amountField.png"];
[amountField setBackground:amountBg];

amountField.rightView = nil;
//amountField.backgroundColor = [UIColor colorWithRed:1 green:1 blue:1 alpha:0.2];

amountField.textAlignment = UITextAlignmentCenter;
amountField.contentVerticalAlignment = UIControlContentVerticalAlignmentCenter;
amountField.adjustsFontSizeToFitWidth = YES;
amountLabel.textColor = UIColorFromARGB(0x313030); //Using my own macro

amountField.frame = CGRectMake(300, 480, 136, 32);
amountField.center = CGPointMake(605, 439);

PS: Those white corners are there because I set the background to white with 0.2 alpha, that's ok.

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Any progress on this? Seeing the same issue with my text field –  Steve Baughman Mar 14 '12 at 0:27
I am happy that I'm not the only one, I tried everything that I could think of... I will report any progress immediately, so keep checking this question :) –  Dominik Hadl Mar 14 '12 at 8:33
same with Myriad Pro font –  erkanyildiz Jul 4 '12 at 16:10
@erkanyildiz yes you are right, i am second one who facing the same problem.....!!! well thanks for putting me on right track ..!!!! –  Kamarshad Feb 9 '13 at 9:26
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After many hours of trying many things - I have found the problem. In my case the problem is the font. I really don't know why, but the author of the font made the font weird (leading etc.), it has a blank space on the bottom. I don't know why, but when you are editing the text all of the text properties are ignored, but after you finish editing, they are applied.

So, if you have a similar problem, try changing the font to Arial or something similar.

Thanks guys for your effort,


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I was also using a custom font. Strange. My solution was to update the fonts frame when the user stops updating to make sure it looked vertically centered. –  Steve Baughman Mar 14 '12 at 17:31
Happy to hear that it helped you :) (if you want you can vote my answer up) How did you update the fonts frame? Could you post some part of code? :) Thanks, Dominik –  Dominik Hadl Mar 14 '12 at 18:47
Instead of changing the font, try this. stackoverflow.com/a/10087220/244183 –  McDJ Apr 10 '12 at 10:43
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I had similar issues with a UITextfield embedded in a UITableViewCell. Where exactly is this code located in your project? What I believe is happening is that after you've finished editing a particular textfield, it sends itself -setNeedsDisplay and its drawRect: is subsequently called. This might explain the shift in alignment. In my particular scenario, I had to use a table view delegate method -willDisplayCell... to set the content alignment. I would have to know more about your design to possibly offer a suggestion.

One potential solution would be to use the text field delegate methods to set the content alignment.

-(void)textFieldDidEndEditing:(UITextField *)textField{
     if (amountField == textField){
          amountField.contentVerticalAlignment = UIControlContentVerticalAlignmentCenter;
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Thanks for the answer :) I'm at work, will try it when I get home. –  Dominik Hadl Mar 14 '12 at 8:32
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I wasn't able to change the font file, so when I solved this I saved the original UITextField's frame in a property and applied the following code:

- (void)textFieldDidBeginEditing:(UITextField *)textField
    textField.frame = self.usernameFrame;

- (void)textFieldDidEndEditing:(UITextField *)textField
    textField.frame = CGRectOffset(self.usernameFrame, 0, 1);

It's a bit hacky, but it gets the job done.

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