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var st = "Dream Theater A Change of Seasons (EP) (1995)";
var searchTerm = st.replace("/[\s\W]+/g", "+");

gives Dream Theater A Change of Seasons EP 1995

but I want to be

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st.replace(/\s/g, "+");

which just replaces every whitespace char with a +. Also note I removed the quotes around the regex -- you want a regex, not a string.

EDIT -- Just tried

st.replace(/[\s\W]+/g, "+"); // no quotes around the regex

and that gives you the + on the end. So the real problem is you are passing a string when you want to pass an actual regex reference.

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You need:

var searchTerm = st.replace(/[\s\W]+/g, "+");

without quotes.

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var searchTerm = st.replace(/[\s\W]+/g, '+');
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