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Does OpenStreetMap just provide GIS data? To render maps and have a browser based UI to show maps with data, would a developer need to use something like Mapnik?

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OpenStreetMap provides data yes, and you'll need specific tools to make map with them. You first need to put the data in a true GIS format, which OSM is not. Think about PostGIS, an osm2pgsql tool is designed for that. Then, you'll need a rendering tool, i.e. a cartographic engine. You can use Mapnik or MapServer. Tilemill can help you designing your map styles. Take a look here

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yo can export data form OpenStreetMap and render your own map. Take a look at http://www.slideshare.net/jones139/rendering-openstreetmap-data-using-mapnik http://www.slideshare.net/artemp/mapnik-sotm-2007

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There's a fuller list of rendering libraries for OpenStreetMap data here, both free and commercial.


Disclosure: I am the developer of one of them.

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