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I'm using emacs in TTY mode (-nw), and I can use most of the key bindings out of the box. However, there are key combinations I cannot find the xterm escape sequences for (like C-;, C-<, C->, etc.) I would like to configure my terminal emulator to send them, but can't find out where to start.

I also don't want to resort to defining custom escape sequences that I will later configure emacs to interpret via key remapping.

Any ideas/pointers I can use?

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First answer of this question will explain it: http://superuser.com/questions/83166/using-c-m-to-do-a-query-replace-regexp-in-emacs-running-in-mac-terminal

Basically there are just some key codes that cannot be sent to terminal applications. I have noticed this behavior a number of times; C-4 does not work the same way it does for me in the GUI version of Emacs.

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