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I'm having a problem with a TinyMCE plugin using long GET parameters. On my development server, the plugin works just fine. However, on the production server, the parameter is ignored.

The plugin is SMImage, it uses parameters like this one:


Which is kinda long, but shouldn't be much of a problem (except on IE of course).

Under the production server, $_GET['get'] is not even defined, since it's ignored by PHP.

Is there a server setting that can be changed perhaps? Under PHP, what defines the maximum length?

I could use POST instead, but I'm not too sure how I could change this part of the plugin:

    var get = 'id=1' + '&dir_root=' + ed.getParam('plugin_smimage_directory', '') + '&server=' + ed.getParam('plugin_smimage_server', '') + '&thumbnail_size=' + ed.getParam('plugin_smimage_thumbnail_size', '') + '&show_thumbnail=' + ed.getParam('plugin_smimage_show_thumbnail', '') + '&jpg_quality=' + ed.getParam('plugin_smimage_jpg_quality', '') + '&orderby=' + ed.getParam('plugin_smimage_orderby', '') + '&show_upload=' + ed.getParam('plugin_smimage_show_upload', '') + '&show_image_menu=' + ed.getParam('plugin_smimage_show_image_menu', '') + '&show_folder_menu=' + ed.getParam('plugin_smimage_show_folder_menu', '') + '&show_newfolder=' + ed.getParam('plugin_smimage_show_newfolder', '') + '&thumbnails_perpage=' + ed.getParam('plugin_smimage_thumbnails_perpage', '') + '&upload_filesize=' + ed.getParam('plugin_smimage_upload_filesize', '') + '&check_session_variable=' + ed.getParam('plugin_smimage_check_session_variable', '') + '&document_root=' + ed.getParam('plugin_smimage_document_root', '');{
      file: url + '/index.php?get=' + SMImage_BinToHex(SMImage_RC4(get)),
      width: ed.getParam('plugin_smimage_width', '800'),
      height: ed.getParam('plugin_smimage_height', '500'),
      inline: 1
      plugin_url: url
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Possible duplicate:… – Jovan Perovic Mar 12 '12 at 21:02
Suhosin was indeed installed, just did a custom php.ini with a small modification, and worked great – jValdron Mar 12 '12 at 21:08

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Not sure if this is good idea, but you could try using cookie as workaround for passing that kind of parameters. In JS, before calling this window open, do smth like

document.cookie = 'SMImage_param=' + SMImage_BinToHex(SMImage_RC4(get))

and then call index.php without parameters. On server-side use


for getting this parameter value.

Of course, it will work only if PHP you are calling is on the same domain (but I'm almost sure that for your TinyMCE plugin it's there).

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And, of course, if you have access to server configuration - you should configure it as is mentioned in… instead. – RReverser Mar 12 '12 at 21:07
Yeah Suhosin was installed, just did a php.ini ;) Thanks for taking the time to answer! :) – jValdron Mar 12 '12 at 21:09
Now that's an ugly hack... – ThiefMaster Mar 12 '12 at 21:09
@ThiefMaster Agree)) I just thought that author has no access to server configuration, so wrote the only hack that came up into mind :) – RReverser Mar 12 '12 at 21:12

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