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We have a Cross site scripting vulnerablity in our code and we suspect the below code is the one reponsible

And we have been suggested to use <c:out> tag to prevent

My question is, will <c:out> defenitely prevent cross site?

if so what will be <c:out> implemnetation of the below code

or please suggest a optimal solution, thanks a lot

<td class="label">Test ID:</td>
<td class="userData"><form:checkbox path="subject1.testId"/></td>
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What makes you think these two lines constitute a XSS vulnerability? By which tag would you replace the form:checkbox tag to make it safer? –  JB Nizet Mar 12 '12 at 21:03
Our ethical scanning team are saying this checkbox is not output encoded and hence it is vulnerable ... this is all the info i got till now. –  depak jan Mar 12 '12 at 21:15

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No amount of editing your HTML will protect you from cross-site-scripting. If the client can see it, the client can copy it.

You need to validate your inputs better.

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