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I would like to have next and previous buttons on a group of divs

<div><img src="img/car.jpg" /></div>
<div><img src="img/boat.jpg" /></div>
<div><img src="img/truck.jpg" /></div>

I have about 20 div's all floating left. Is there away to slide them back and forward with next and previous buttons?

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Probably. What have you tried? Anything in particular you have problems with? –  Felix Kling Mar 12 '12 at 21:14
Hard to help if you don't show what you've tried –  Juan Mendes Mar 12 '12 at 21:22
It depends on how big each img is, as if they are all different sizes the solution won't be so simple. –  Jake Mar 12 '12 at 21:33

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I have answered a similar question in the past http://stackoverflow.com/a/8747305/297641

So I edited that code a little to work with what you have,



<div class="prev">Previous</div>
<div class="nav-wrapper clearfix">
    <div>Race Car</div>
<div class="next">Next</div>


var stPt = 0, elToShow = 5; //showing 5 elements

var $nav_wrapper = $('.nav-wrapper');
var $list = $nav_wrapper.find('div'); //get the list of div's
var $copy_list = [];
var copy_lgt = $list.length - elToShow;

//call to set thumbnails based on what is set
function initNav() {
   var tmp;
   for (var i = elToShow; i < $list.length; i++) {
      tmp = $list.eq(i);

$('.next').click (function () {
    $list = $nav_wrapper.find('div'); //get the list of div's

    //move the 1st element clone to the last position in copy_list
    $copy_list.splice(copy_lgt, 0, $list.eq(0).clone() ); //array.splice(index,howmany,element1,.....,elementX)

    //kill the 1st element in the div

    //add to the last

$('.prev').click (function () {
    $list = $nav_wrapper.find('div'); //get the list of li's

    //move the 1st element clone to the last position in copy_li
    $copy_list.splice(0, 0, $list.eq(elToShow-1).clone()); //array.splice(index,howmany,element1,.....,elementX)

    //kill the 1st element in the UL

    //add to the last

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So basically the idea here is for next to make the lastchild the firstchild and for previous to do the opposite. Is that correct? –  Jake Mar 12 '12 at 21:42
Thanks, very close i think. Here is what i have done. scott-p.dmlive.co.nz/formatives/pf-wp I would like to add next and previous buttons. –  Scott Pedder Mar 12 '12 at 23:59

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