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How can I set the value of my rad combobox if I keep getting this error message, even if the combobox has the ReadOnly="false" attribute set in the markup?

protected void Page_Init(object sender, EventArgs e)
    string dateArg = Request.QueryString["date"];

    if (dateArg != null)
        rcbWeek.SelectedItem = rcbWeek.FindItemByText(dateArg);
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Here is how to do it, you can find it in the docs for the Rad Controls:

//Use RadComboBoxItem.Selected
RadComboBoxItem item = RadComboBox1.FindItemByText("Item 2");
item.Selected = true;

//Use RadComboBox.SelectedIndex
int index = RadComboBox1.FindItemIndexByValue("2");
RadComboBox1.SelectedIndex = index;

//You can also use the SelectedValue property.
RadComboBox1.SelectedValue = value;
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