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I want to install R on the AMZ EC2 servers. This is my first time I am doing so. I have been using R installed on my Laptop but to process large data-set my Laptop gives up! I will be using the Visualization capabilities for graphs and Plots. I was looking for solution that will help me to Visualize the Plots on the server without using the X11 or port forwarding from my local machine when I remotely login to the servers.

Thanks for your responses....

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You can probably use RStudio: r-bloggers.com/rstudio-in-the-cloud-for-dummies –  Vincent Zoonekynd Mar 12 '12 at 23:38
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While you won't be able to visualize the plots using X11, you should still be able to create PDFs:


You can then download and view those PDFs.

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I highly recommend RStudio Server that allows running full-featured RStudio IDE from a browser on your local machine/laptop. I've been using it with EC2 and it has been great - no need to save/transfer those pesky pdf files every time one needs to look at a plot..

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