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pymat doesnt seem to work with current versions of matlab, so I was wondering if there is another equivalent out there (I havent been able to find one). The gist of what would be desirable is running an m-file from python (2.6). (and alternatives such as scipy dont fit since I dont think they can run everything from the m-file).

Thanks in advance!

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On Windows you do this:

>>> import win32com.client
>>> h = win32com.client.Dispatch('matlab.application')
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There's mlabwrap. Have you looked at this? I used this several years ago, but not recently.

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You can always start matlab as separate subprocess and collect results via std.out/files. (see subprocess package).

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I think that the most comprehensive Python packages to call MATLAB functions are:

Disclaimer: I'm the developer of matlab_wrapper.

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