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I'm adding a new function to a server that uses jersey REST. I want to post the data as binary. I've simply added:

public void Foo(@QueryParam("var"), InputStream is) {
    int data[8];
    data[0] = is.read();
    data[1] = is.read();

Then I run the following command:

cat test.bin | curl -X POST -H 'Content-type:image/jpeg' -d @- http://localhost:8080/path/mypath?var=ok

When I step through the debugger the first byte is indeed the first byte of test.bin. However, the second read returns -1 indicating that the stream has no more data. Am I using curl incorrectly? Is there some other setup for the provider that I need to do? Other configuration params? It seems that I don't need @Consumes("*/*") because it should be doing that by default.

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As per the documentation, maybe you should be using --data-binary instead of -d (that is an alias for --data-ascii) for strictly binary data.

Also, instead of using the cat, you can use just @test.bin to include the file.

Using curl -vv parameter also helps showing what it is actually sent. It does not show the data, but at least it shows the Content-Length sent by curl.

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I missed the --data-binary, which was indeed the problem. -vv is also very helpful, thx! –  RunHolt Mar 13 '12 at 1:32

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