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I'm fairly new at facebook api and I need some help.

I have a website and I would like to update

a) an image and related text

to my facebook app. This is to be done automatically from my web-site using php script. I managed to get the access token and post data but if I try to post the day after, the php script returns an error saying that the acces token is expired.

I have searched on many posts - but nothing seems to work to renew this access token.

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You probably need "offline_access" permission if I understand your problem correctly. Then re-newing is not needed. (needed only when not working anymore due user password change and such)

You can read about it here

But maybe it's not the best solution at moment because there will be changes in API in May 1, 2012. "offline_access" Permission will be removed.

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Thanks Janar.I have requested the offline_access and it still didn't work.It's so frustrating trying to do somenthing simple – Jesmond Spiteri Mar 13 '12 at 19:59

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