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I've configured it so my simple unit test passes. But nosexunit.xml is reporting on test lib files. Partial output:

nosexcover-1.0.7-py2.6.egg/nosexcover/nosexcover    25     24     4%   5-41, 46-56
test/unit/test_setup                                13      0   100%   

The project is split up into different modules that need to be tested independently. I'm focusing on the backend module at present. I want to restrict coverage to the lib package. A sample of the project tree:

\-- backend     # <-- module I'm testing
    \-- lib     # <-- what I want to cover
    \-- test
       \-- unit/       # <-- test I'm running
    \-- setup.cfg
    \-- setup.cfg

I'm running the tests from the dir named backend:

project/backend$ python nosetests -s --tests=unit/

Nosetests is configured in setup.cfg as follows

# locating tests

# coverage

I've got a feeling one of the path settings is off. I'm assuming the where and cover-package settings are relative to the location of (also where I'm running the test) and include is relative to where.

Nosetests documentation wasn't much help. I hope someone can set me straight here.

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It turns out that I had this configured correctly after all. The problem seems to be that, for my overly simplified smoke test, I wasn't actually importing anything from the module to which I restricted coverage.

Apparently, in this case, when coverage is nil, rather than report that boring fact, nosexcoverage or nosetests decides to give you a coverage report about a bunch of other stuff instead.

By adding an import statement for the module I wanted covered, I got the proper coverage report:

XML: nosexunit.xml
Name        Stmts   Miss  Cover   Missing
lib             0      0   100%   
lib.blank       1      0   100%   
TOTAL           1      0   100%   
Ran 2 tests in 0.008s
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