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Been tearing my newbie hair out with Colorbox and Wordpress. My website's theme preinstalls ColorBox for managing Lightbox style popups which has been great.

The issue I face now is I wish to display a fairly long popup image but when that normally displays, naturally it's almost impossible to read.

I want to somehow modify a single page's Colorbox settings to allow the popup to display the full sized image, with scrolling enabled.

I know how to manually insert Javascript into the body of the page but have no idea what I need to be inserting to do this resetting / reconfiguring.

I've got a test page with some added JS that I thought might work but obviously doesn't - if you think you might be able to help, that test page is HERE

Can anyone please provide some assistance?

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You'll probably have to look into the ColorBox configuration as used by the site theme. ColorBox has parameters for many elements; be sure to investigate scrolling (true/false) and the height(n) settings. Consider setting scrolling to true and the height variable to the actual height of your content. Short of that you may be looking at dynamically changing the height of the Main page before showing the image, but I doubt that will be necessary. The ColorBox docs are very good at jacklmoore.com/colorbox –  Kevin M Mar 13 '12 at 23:22
Thanks Kevin for those suggestions. I've added the scrolling and height parameters (or at least I think I've done them correct) to the test page but still Colorbox behaviour remains the same without scrolling. I'm struggling at the moment as to what to try next. Still hunting .... –  MartinC Mar 14 '12 at 3:24

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