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I use ClickOnce to deploy a small WPF application. In publish parameters I set:

Is avaliable offline.

In preprequisites I choose ".NET Framework 3.5 Client Profile" and "Windows Installer 3.1" + Download the components from the vendors. So, when I publish my application I get folder app.publish which contains setup.exe, *.application and folder application files.

But I have one question: When I try to install this application from setup.exe it always prompt with "MICROSOFT SOFTWARE SUPPLEMENTAL LICENSE TERMS" even if the target computer has installed a full version of .NET Framework 3.5 on it. After the user clicks Argree, it install something for a few seconds (3-5) and then start application installation process.

Is it normal?

I thought if .NET Framework 3.5 FULL version installed on the target computer then setup.exe have to start the application installation process...

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