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I want to use my django web application with RESTful services.

I already created my models, using mongoengine. Let's say I have 2 models:

class Shop(Document):
name =  StringField()
description = StringField()
address = StringField()
image_path = StringField()

class Item(Document):
name =  StringField()
description = StringField()
shop = ReferenceField(Shop)
images = ListField(StringField())

In this scenario, I want that shop has list of items. And when I make a request to REST url for the shop, the shop and the item list should be serialized into JSON and response is sent to client.

How can I do that? Which REST framework is suitable for that case?

Should I keep items in the shop class?(e.g items=(ListField(ReferenceField(Item))))

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I used Piston in Django with custom model classes built using MongoEngine.

This worked great!

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I think using generic views would be the easiest way, afaik there is no REST / Mongoengine framework available.

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Thanks, I edited my question. – Burak Mar 13 '12 at 21:52

Have you checked out tastypie-mongo engine? It's a Django application that provides MongoEngine support for Tastypie.

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