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When I try to update gem I gave this:

  • 4 bug fixes:

    • Use Psych API to emit more compatible YAML
    • Download and write inside gem fetch directly. Fixes #289
    • Honor sysconfdir on 1.8. Fixes #291
    • Search everywhere for a spec for gem spec. Fixes #288
    • Fix Gem.all_load_path. Fixes #171

Help me fix it please :D

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That appears to be valid output from updating RubyGems. Did you run this command?

gem update --system

If so, and you saw that output, you should be able to run this and get the version number.

gem --version

It should be something along the lines of 1.8.17, which is the latest version.

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I remove and install rubygems 1.8.10 . It 's ok for 1.8.17 it have that error, maybe because I am using ruby 1.9.2 Thank for your reply –  Peter_175 Mar 13 '12 at 7:34
@Peter_175 glad to hear it's working for you, then. If I answered your question, be sure to mark my response as your solution. –  Ben Kreeger Mar 13 '12 at 14:17

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