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I'd like to include form_fields.html.twig (view not bounded to a controller action) within edit.html.twig, actually a view served by MyController.

Given the following directory structure:

    - Resources
        - views
            - MyController
                - form_fields.html.twig
                - edit.html.twig

In my edit.html.twig i have:

{% block content %}
    <form action="{{ path('packages_edit', { 'slug': slug }) }}" method="post">
        {% include 'form_fields.html.twig' %}
{% endblock %}

Not working, got template not found exception. I've tried without success:

  • MyBundle::MyController::form_fields.html.twig
  • MyBundle::form_fields.html.twig
  • ::form_fields.html.twig
  • form_fields.html.twig
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This should work:

{% include MyBundle:MyController:form_fields.html.twig %}
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THANKS! Sound strange since Symfony2 uses ::... weird, but it works... –  Polmonino Mar 13 '12 at 3:30

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