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I'm attempting to build Log4Net for MonoTouch but the assemblies required also need to be built for MonoTouch including System.Configuration and I don't have this source.

Has anyone had any luck building Log4Net for MonoTouch ?

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A large part of MonoTouch is built upon the Mono project. This means the majority of the source code, including the base class libraries (BCL), are available as open source on github.

Part of Mono's BCL is the System.Configuration.dll assembly so you can, technically, rebuild this assembly (from source) to use it inside your own projects.

The most difficult part will be to ensure that System.Configuration does not depend on things that are not part of the BCL profile shipped with MonoTouch (a superset of the Silverlight profile). That might require a bit of surgery to add/remove the required types and ensure you have everything required for your own project (Log4Net in this case).

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Thank you. I'm going to get the source and give it a shot but I'm guessing not only will System.Configuration have dependencies but so will log4net have other dependencies making this a nightmare and not really a worthy venture. Apparently the latest release of iOS changed the privileges for writing to the console so I may just look into writing logs to our applications privileged space using a file output stream. – wheels53 Mar 14 '12 at 0:59

I would checkout ServiceStack.Logging I know that works on Mono...

Also this thread on google groups!topic/servicestack/dXWkiD5BIMk

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