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All, I have the following code:

$context = stream_context_create(array(
    'http' => array(
        'timeout' => 5      // Timeout in seconds
$username = $options['account'];
$contents = file_get_contents( "{$username}&count=1", 0, $context );

When I execute this code it works fine. However when I change the contents to this:

$how_many = $options['how_many'];
$contents = file_get_contents( "{$username}&count={$how_many}", 0, $context );

I get the following error:

Warning: file_get_contents( [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: No error

Any ideas why it would work for one and not for the other. If I copy and paste that URL into a browser results are returned as well.

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Check to see if $context is actually there, either that or you missed to put it on your post. – Nathan Mar 13 '12 at 3:00
you misspelled $how_many in the first line of your second sample. – Jon Mar 13 '12 at 3:00
You're sure it's nothing to do with $how_man not being the same as $how_many? – adlawson Mar 13 '12 at 3:00
It is a typo. I updated my question. – user1048676 Mar 13 '12 at 3:03

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how_many be $how_man? or is it a typo?{$username}&count={$how_man}", 0, $context );
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It is a typo. I updated my question. – user1048676 Mar 13 '12 at 3:02
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I ended up using cURL to get all of the values and it worked.

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