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here is my code...

    var main = document.getElementById("section");  //gets node for main window
        var para1 = document.createElement("p");     //creates paragraph     node
        var para2 = document.createElement("p");    // creates another paragraph node

        var req = request.responseXML;   //gets xml data

        var nodeList = req.getElementsByTagName("line");   //gets all nodes with line as tag
        var nodeArray = new Array();   //holds only lines that are part of code

        para1.appendChild(document.createTextNode(req.getElementsByTagName("description")[0].childNodes[0].nodeValue));  //creates text node to put inside paragraph node
        para2.appendChild(document.createElement("table"));   //creates a table tag and puts inside para2

        for(var i=0; i<nodeList.length; i++)
            if(nodeList[i].getAttribute("st") == "no")
                document.getElementById("table").appendChild(document.createElement("tr"));  //creates a table row for each line participating in quiz
                //document.getElementById("tr").appendChild(document.createElement("td"));   //creates table data for the row (only one)dd
                //nodeArray.push(nodeList[i].childNodes[0].nodeValue);  //adds to array the lines participating in quiz         

        main.appendChild(para1);   //add paragraph to the main div
        main.appendChild(para2);    //adds 2nd paragraph to main div

So I have commented everything else out in the if statement but I'm still getting this error...if I already created the table tag earlier, why is it considered null??

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Do not append TR elements to TABLE elements as IE<9 will throw an error, you must add them to a TBODY element. Other browers will insert the TBODY for you if it's missing or append the rows to the last TBODY element automatically, but not IE. –  RobG Mar 13 '12 at 3:23
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Change your code to:

var table = para2.appendChild(document.createElement("table"));
var tbody = table.appendChild(document.createElement('tbody'));

now add rows to tbody. Other answers tell you about the getElementById error. The comment to your question tells you why to create a TBODY element.

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Yes that did it!!! thanks so much –  Carine Mar 13 '12 at 3:34
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You are not assigning an id of "table" to the table, so you won't find it through getElementById("table").

Either assign the appropriate id to the table or use getElementsByTagName.

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I changed it to that but then got this error: Uncaught TypeError: Object #<NodeList> has no method 'appendChild' –  Carine Mar 13 '12 at 3:23
getElementsByTagName returns you a NodeList, not a single element like getElementById does. You can use appendChild on an element, but not a NodeList. –  Steve Mar 13 '12 at 3:36
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This creates an element with name "table", not id "table"

In your if block, access it by using getElementsByName

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You have several calls to appendChild, so it's difficult to validate that the error is happening on the 'table' line. But that said, you're calling document.getElementById, not document.getElementsByTagName which means you needed to create the table with an id table:

<table id="table">
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