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I'm a computer science student and I want to get started contributing with open source projects. Can someone help me? Where do I start? Can you suggest small projects where I can start? (C/C++, java, python)

Also, where big projects like: linux kernel, firefox, mysql, apache... are hosted? (github?) Are they on public repositories where I can start deploying code?


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Check out and do a search on their site. Others have already asked this question there, so you're likely to find the answer from a search, – jmort253 Mar 13 '12 at 3:16
Well, first find a project you like, then look at the existing code and the patch/submit policies, and decide if you want to (e.g. if it's worth your time) provided patches or other such help. I won't even touch most of the Open Source project code out there as much of it is just trash. Any sizable project has documentation and howto guides and request/bug lists and ... so "ask google". – user166390 Mar 13 '12 at 3:24

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There's an article on today's slashdot about just this topic. The gist is that you should

  1. Find a project you are interested in.
  2. Start reading their mailing list and issue-tracker.
  3. Start reading the code.
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