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Anyone know if I can have an html element with both a static class name as well as a dynamic, data-bound class name using KnockoutJS? Something like this:

<span class='staticClassName {{viewModelPropertyValue}}'></span>

I realize this isn't ko syntax, I'm just using this syntax to get the point across.

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You can use the css binding to add and remove a class based on the truthiness of a value, but it sounds like your viewModelProperty is the name of a class rather than a boolean.

You can use the attr binding with the static class included like: (attr: { 'class': 'staticClassName ' + viewModelPropertyValue } or (viewModelPropertyValue() if it is an observable).

Otherwise, there is a community binding here that will add and remove a class in the manner that you are after:

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In Knockout 2.2.0, you can!

<span class='staticClassName' data-bind='css: viewModelPropertyValue'></span>

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starting from 2.2.0 – Daniele Armanasco Apr 8 '13 at 8:10
Thanks, edited. – Jonatan Littke Apr 10 '13 at 7:45

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