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i have a problem passing ByteArray from flash (as3) to amfphp to save an image. With old version of amfphp, all worked in the past… now, with new version i have many problem. I'm using version 2.0.1 and the first problem is that i have to do this, for access to my info:

function SaveAsJPEG($json)
        $string =  json_encode($json);
        $obj = json_decode($string);

        $compressed = $obj->{'compressed'};

in the past i wrote only:

function SaveAsJPEG($json)
        $compressed = $json['compressed'];

Anyway… now i can take all data (if i use " $json['compressed']" i receive an error) but i can't receive my ByteArray data. From flash i write this:

var tempObj:Object = new Object();
tempObj["jpgStream "]=  createBitStream(myBitmmapData);  // return ByteArray
tempObj["compressed"] = false;
tempObj["dir"] = linkToSave;
tempObj["name"] = this.imageName;

So.. in my php class i receive all correct info, except "jpgStream" that seems "null".

Do you have any idea?

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I think you get 'null' because of json_encode/decode. Try using

    $data = (array) $json;
    $compressed = $data['compressed'];
This may help

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